The keyboard is mightier than the sword.


Hello everybody! I’m sad to announce that this space will soon become dormant for a while. As incarceration looms, I have no choice but to keep the pen in my pencil box. But that doesn’t mean that this will be the end of the road! Don’t worry, the stories will come (albeit at a much slower pace). Once the floodgates are open, the ideas, like water, will flow endlessly.

Anyway, as much as I dislike the idea of being confined, I realized that there is some intrinsic value in this journey that I’m about to embark. As I ruminated further, my thoughts slowly evolved into a discussion of the famous phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” (which happens to be my tagline that has been smartly modified to fit the context better).

I pondered for a long time if this was going to be a total waste of time. There were times when I truly believed so, and there were times when I managed to see some positives out of this whole thing.

No matter how deep I delved, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer for myself. Then, I vaguely remembered a conversation that occurred in the past with a friend of mine. As we were discussing about perfecting a discursive essay, I remarked tenaciously, “An essay, unlike biology, chemistry or physics, has no right or wrong answer.”

I think I found my answer.

Life is a mirror of your thoughts

I apologize for the “afk”ing from this little space of mine. To all fervent readers (who obviously got tired checking a dormant blog after a while), I have been terribly busy with some of the greatest endeavours in my life. Besides, I truly believe in quality and will only share what, I feel, will be worth the minutes of your time here.

Anyway, I got a sudden epiphany and I want to share it!

Have you heard of a “life is…” metaphor? Common answers range from roller coasters to bicycles. In fact, there are so many more that I won’t be able to cover all of them.

Then again, as I was reflecting about this random thought of mine, I realized that although a plethora of metaphors can be used to describe life, a simple sentence will be able to surmise it. (Note: I’m not pulling a Robert Frost here.)

Life is what you make it out to be (super cliché but true).

Everyone will be entitled to have their own metaphors for life. What you see life as will become your life. That resonates with a phrase someone shared with me recently about thoughts. He told me, “Thoughts are things.”

Initially, it was something interesting to chew on for me. Then, I realized it all made sense when I pieced all these little random thoughts of mine together.

I managed to do so after meeting a friend. Truth is, the meeting was really rushed and I had little time. All we had was a little chat together. He shared a lot about his life with me, and from there, I could hear his life. From the way he spoke about his friends, his family and his future, I could tell what life was to him.

And thinking back at the aforementioned phrase, I realized that life probably needs a longer sentence to be summarized succinctly.

Life is what you make it out to be, and it will be.

And I think a quote fits perfectly for the ending of this post. One of my favourite quotes which is really powerful and filled with picturesque literary devices.

“Life is always either a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope.” – Edith Wharton (don’t know the person, but love the quote)

How lucky exactly are you?

“How privileged am I?” I wonder how often does that question pop up in our minds. In schools, we have always been told that we are really fortunate that we are able to receive an education, we are born without any defects or illnesses, we have family members who we can loathe at but will still take care of us.

But do you really, really know how fortunate you are? From those examples I stated, all I could feel is I am privileged. I am able to receive what others are unable to, and I am thankful.  But do you know feel that you are lucky?

Many of my friends, being intellectually impeccably capable, often claim to understand the fortune that they enjoyed. “That’s why I don’t take things for granted.” they would end of with a haughty laugh.

Allow me to share some thoughts today. I hope, through these thoughts,  I will be able to  put those who have led a similar life as me thus far in the eyes of someone else; somebody who is smaller, but so much stronger.

How is your life each day? I could probably give a brief description. You wake up, go through a routine of washing up, set out to do something you want to or are forced to do. In the process, you will meet people. You will be distracted by the beautiful flowers on the way, see the blue jay flying across the white sky, and breathe the air that you know the world has in abundance.

You will complain and rant about the plight you have been thrown in, and rejoice for the fortunate turn in events that lady luck has bestow upon you. At the end of the day, you will see your family members, whom you may not have much regard for because you aren’t exactly close to some, if not all, of them.

People usually find themselves lucky. Most people I met, including many of those in the school I used to study in, who are really smart, usually understand that their lives are a privilege. However, the question is “how much”?

Many people are thankful for a friend’s help. But do you really understand the key word in the previous statement? It’s not “help”, it’s “friend”. You have a friend. Many don’t.

You complain that you live an aimless life. You blame life for the lack of opportunities. But you lead a life. Many people don’t get a chance to live. While you exist and not live, many do not even exist at all.

One of the simplest things I think we always forget is family. I grew up hearing peers enraged with their parents for not giving them things that they wish for, be it tangible or not. However, I guess many people do not notice that you have a group of people who are always behind you and many yearn for but do not have.

All of us will take things for granted. That is a fact. But the extent of it can be minimized.

Next time, do acknowledge the fortune that you truly enjoyed. Many believe they are able to see it, but actually they don’t.

Different facets of life

Recently, I have been exposed a lot to this concept of “perspectives”. Many things really change when you see them from different places; and that is why sometimes there ain’t really a correct answer or a perfect solution. What you may feel after reading this post is confusion. But it’s okay, that’s how all of us started out, confused about who we are, and who we want to become.

This is a short sharing I created, modelled after a true story.

There were once four horses. They had a very cruel owner who would force them to gallop every day in preparation for the big races. All of the horses disliked it.

The best horse in the pack thought, “since I’m the best, I want to be the best.” So he ran really,really hard in each practice, achieving  stellar results. The other horses, seeing the rigour of these trainings, chose to work with each other to escape from the farm.

The lone horse was accused of being uncooperative when the three horses asked for his help. The three horses were then branded by the lone horse as “weak” and “cowardly”.

As we find out more about our lives, we will come to the realization that there are often many solutions to a problem. But is there an ideal one?


Not if you can’t get people over to your side.

Heaven and Hell

Ever wondered what the difference between Heaven and Hell was? You may be conjuring various images in your head now, imagining how they will look like, but I’m gonna tell you things aren’t as stark as you think they are.

This story, regardless of one’s devotion or religion, I think, is one that is both intriguing and provoking.

Heaven and Hell aren’t that different. In both of them, there exist a banquet where all gather around their tables, ready to savor the sumptuous meal that has been prepared for them.

In Hell, the people had their hands cuffed up, so all the people there could muster was to sniff at the paradise presented right in front of them.

“What about Heaven, then?” You might ask.

Well, in Heaven, you would see people feeding each other.

Trust and Doubt – Different?

The last few days have been totally amazing for me. So many stories, so many reflections, but so little time. But what I wanna share today is something I really wish many will know. Too many people misunderstand and misinterpret these simple things in our lives.

I got this initially from what someone shared today, and it really got me going because I had this idea for a long, long time. It was a vision but I never knew how to put it, but he vocalized it perfectly.

Okay, trust. I believe all of us want trust. It’s something that will make us feel at ease, because we know that people are with us. Trust is a strong bond (that isn’t chemically created, sorry science kids).

But I always want to ask this question – how do we show trust? How do we give people trust in the correct manner? To that, I always believed trust is a “blind” thing and it comes in many forms.

Lending a stranger money, excepting him not to renege on a promise, is trust; Believing that a friend will be there for you in times of need is trust; Having faith in God that He has an awesome plan for you all mapped out is trust.

That was my definition of trust.

But here comes the conundrum – then what is doubt? Is doubt the opposite of trust? Listen to this story and you may have a clearer perspective.

In a (rather) popular manga series, by the name of Liar Game, the themes of trust and deceit have been regularly explored. Basically, each stage of the game would involve participants doing their best to con one another of their money, with the winner bagging the prize and the loser bearing the hefty consequences coming in the form of a debt.

There were two main characters in the story, one, a naive girl in a mid-teens, who believes faithfully that there is a good side to everyone, and the other, a genius  swindler who has just gotten out of jail.

As the story develops, these two fought together in the various stages. In one of the chapters, the girl remarked, “Liar game is about trust.”

The swindler shook his head. “No, that is not trust. It’s indifference.”

And to end off, he made an incredulous, to me at that time at least, remark, “In fact,  learn to doubt. Because that is trust.”

Back then, I thought it was just a witty remark. But what someone shared to me today resonated. There is more into this.

Doubting isn’t a bad thing (I know our primary school teachers will probably disagree…)!! Because that shows people care. They doubt you. They criticize. They put you down. But that’s because they want you to grow!

Rather than being indifferent about things, doubt. Act. Do. Then great things will follow! (Now, actions speak louder than words but as a storyteller it’s obvious which one I’m better with… hmm…)

Okay, but jokes aside, this is something I thought is important. Don’t fixate your notion of trust as believing, because believing can take many forms! This idea can change the world!

Because when people truly understand what trust means, indifference will be eliminated.

And that’s something I want to see. A world where people can band together and hum their favorite tunes (not literally, I mean you can picture the essence of it right?).

But of course, there is another form of trust that is really simple called faith. What is not so simple about it is the difference that it has made.

Opinions? Comment and share the love!!

Sleeping well

I was reading just now and found this really inspirational story I wanna share.

There was once a farmer who sought for a helper. A man submitted a resume that read “He sleeps in a storm”.

Puzzled by the description, the farmer was skeptical about his abilities. He hired the man nonetheless since he was desperate for help.

After several weeks passed, the farm was hit by a heavy downpour. The winds howled,  the sky raged with frequent thunderstorms.

Woken up by the incessant pelting of raindrops, the farmer anticipated the worst. He thought his hard work on the field would have come to naught, washed away by the incoming storm.

He raced to the fields. There, to his absolute surprise, he realized precautions have already been taken to protect the crops from the travesty. He heaved a sigh of relief.

While strolling back to his room, he walked pass the room of his new employee. The door was shut, and the only thing he heard was a consistent snore.

The employee was sound asleep.

A pretty simple story with a big idea. Pretty awesome. What are your views? Feel free to comment!!

All endings are also beginnings

It’s an oft quoted phrase that “change is the only constant” (Einstein’d beg to differ…), and all of us, subconsciously, are experiencing makeovers of our own in different aspects of our lives.

I’m no exception.

And today, as 2011 bides us goodbye, also marks the beginning of… this little world which I like to call a “breathing space” (wait, you were expecting me to say something else?)!

So jokes aside, how about an introduction to start things off? Most important things about me: I’m a logophile, I love sharing stories and I’d like people to tell me theirs too. That simple.

And for a start, I’d like to wish everyone a blessed and happy new year!! Welcome to 2012, where you’ll be amazed by all that has been in store for you.

New year’s day bears great significance. Precisely why this blogger specifically chose today to start connecting with the world via this platform. January 1st is about starting with a clean slate, it’s about forgiving the past, it’s about embrace the present with the lessons we learned. And this nearly fresh blog also represent his start to share stories with people again!

Anyway, this little space of mine, like all of us, will be undergoing change. It’ll be gradual, but it’ll be great too! For now, people, relish the new year’s joy and remember to render thanks and gratitude.

Bet all of you have those 2012 resolutions ready!! Why not share that favorite one of yours with me?

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